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Isole Tremiti 2009 IL7G


Tremiti Islands Info:
The Tremiti Islands (said also Diomedee) are an archipelago of the Adriatic, site to 12 nautical miles to north of the italians coast (Gargano) Administratively under the jurisdiction of the province of Foggia. The owns does it departs National Park of the Gargano and part of its territory it is from the 1989 reserve sea park.The archipelago is composed from the islands of:
* St. Domino, the greatest, devoted to the tourism where the only sandy beach is present the only sandy beach of the archipelago (Cove of the Arenas).
* St. Nicola, resides the greatest part of the population, it is the historical-artistic jewel of the archipelago.

* Caprara or Capperaia, the second for greatness, completely uninhabited.

* Pianosa, distant about twenty kilometers from his "great sisters", introduces him as a rocky reef in the middle of the billows of the sea, also it completely uninhabited.
* The Cretaccio, smallest island in the archipelago can be considered greatest rock-cliff, it is a gigantic clay heap set between St.Domino and San Nicola.
* Worthy of note, beside the Cretaccio, the called rock-cliff the Old one.
Inhabited already in antiquity (IV-III century B.C.) the islands for centuries were above all a place of confinement. In Roman epoch the August emperor relegated his niece Julia that later twenty years of forced stay died. In the 780 Charles Magno it exiled Paul Diacono that, however, he succeeded in running away.
In 1932 the archipelago became common autonomous with the denomination of Islands Tremiti. The archipelago has tied during the millennia its name it has that some hero greek Diomede, so much that in antiquity the islands had called islands Diomedee (Insulae Diomedeae).
The legend wants that they were born for hand of Diomede, when it threw in sea three gigantic rocks (correspondents to St. Domino, St. Nicola) brought with itself Sow, and mysteriously resurfaced in the form of islands. The landed hero, had here the first contact with the Daunia, before disembarking on the Gargano, near you Gnaw to the search of a more fertile ground, wandering for the region dauna and uniting himself in marriage with his daughter (Euippe, according to some Drionnas, according to other Ecania) of Dauno, king of the Daunis.
Particular interesting some legend concerns the diomedees (what the tremitesis call arenne) characteristic birds that populate the cliffs and the bluffs of the archipelago.
In fact is wanted that these birds, from the referable name to the Greek hero, is the companions of this last transformed by Afrodite for compassion (according to various versions, among which that of Dionisio in Alexandria) or for revenge (according to Virgilio) In this last version the metamorphosis of the companions of the acheo is not connected to the death of the hero, but to the contrasts of this with the goddess Afrodite. The version not virgilian, that is also that more narrated, wants instead that the goddess for compassion toward the pain of the companions of Diomede has turned them into birds, note the diomedees, that with theirs chirped (similar to a baby's whimpers), above all nighttime, they keep on crying worn out their commander's disappearance.

The Tremiti Islands, from a general point of view, markedly introduces a Mediterranean climate, and in the detail characterized by the followings climatological aspects:
* Temperature - referable annual course to mild winters and warm summers. Lack of a prolonged and marked period of summer aridity.
* Raininess - almost exclusively assembled in the autumn-winter period, it results limited (~ 476 annual middle mm).

* Windiness - the winds coming from 2° (Rising, Scirocco, etc.) and from the 4° quadrant (West, North wind, Mistral, etc.).

* State of the sea - above all favorable in the summer period while storms are more frequent in the autumn-winter period.

HAM RADIO OPERATIONS with special call ---->> IL7G Iota EU-050 since 30 May to 2 June 2009


C/0 Grassano Giuseppe

Via Bartolo Longo 9/G

San Severo (FG), IT 71016



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